MULTIMAT d.o.o. Podgorica started operating in 2004. and is one of the pioneers in organizing different types of games of chance in Montenegro.

Olimp betting offers the best offer of games, both at bookmaker’s shops as well as on the platform

During its long existence, Olimp betting has guaranteed the security of the game, data and payouts to all its players, and thus gained the trust of the players, which we continue to cultivate carefully.

Our vision is to provide the best entertainment to players by following modern trends and through continual improvement of the offer.  


Grad Adresa
Bar Popovici bb
Bar 24 Novembar 12-a
Bar Crnogorskog serdara 28
Bijelo Polje Slobodana Penezica bb
Cetinje X crnogorske bb
Cetinje Pavla Rovinskog 35
Cetinje Bul.crnogorskih junaka 36
Danilovgrad Bijelog Pavla 10
Nikšić V Proleterska 15
Nikšić Partizanski put bb
Nikšić VI Crnogorska bb
Nikšić Bulevar 13 jula bb
Nikšić Starog Pazarista 35
Nikšić Rubeza 136
Nikšić Alekse Backoviča 12
Nikšić Njegoševa bb
Nikšić Trebjeska bb
Nikšić Njegoševa 19
Nikšić Vir bb
Nikšić Nika Miljanića bb
Nikšić Vuka Karadžića bb
Pljevlja Mila Peruničića bb
Podgorica Trg golootočkih žrtava
Podgorica Trg Nikole Kovačevića 14
Podgorica Vijenac kosovskih junaka 3
Podgorica Cetinjski put bb
Podgorica Donja Gorica bb
Podgorica Svetozara Markovića 17
Podgorica Kokoti bb
Podgorica Španskih  boraca bb
Podgorica Steva Boljevića bb
Podgorica Bratstva Jedinstva 59
Podgorica Kralja Nikole 25
Podgorica Kralja Nikole 333
Podgorica Orijenska 60
Podgorica Blok IX, ul.Jelena Ćetković 33
Podgorica Djoka Mirasevića M2
Podgorica Zmaj Jovina bb
Podgorica V Proleterska bb
Podgorica Svetozara Markovića 50
Podgorica Iva Andrića 22
Podgorica Crnogorskog Bataljona 34
Podgorica Žrtava fašizma bb
Podgorica Golubovci bb
Podgorica Momišići A zona
Podgorica Miloja Pavlovića 61
Podgorica Studentska 42
Podgorica City kvart, lamela 5-3
Podgorica Bulevar 21 maj, br 53.
Tuzi Tuzi bb