Pursuant to the Law on Game of Chance of the Republic of Montenegro (Official Gazette No. 13/07 of 18th December 2007.), “MULTIMAL” L.L.C., on the 1st of January. 2022 adopts:

Game rules

Sport events betting

General Provisions

Article 1.
These rules shall regulate organization of particular games of chance (here and after: betting) and they comprise  provisions on organization, prerequisites for participation in betting, venue of betting, bet limits per one combination, deadlines for payments, winning fund, announcement of game results, deadlines for winning payouts, informing players about betting rules, procedure in case of delay or change of time of the event, accountability of betting organizer, business confidentiality, order maintenance at the places where payments are carried out, behavior of participants at the places of payment, employees’ issues as well as other issues significant for betting.
Article 2.
Betting from the Article 1. shall be organized by “MULTIMAT” L.L.C. Limited Liability Company with the head office at the address: Trg Golootoćkih žrtava, Podgorica, TIN 02397706 (here and after Organizer).
Olimp.me has been owned by Multimat L.L.C. Trg Golootočkih žrtava – Podgorica, and registered in the Central Register of Economy Entities of Montenegro under No 50201194, TIN 02397706, VAT 60/31-00156-9.Bookmaker Olimp organizes gambling in accordance with the Resolution No 02.424/20-830/4 issued by the Ministry of Finance of Montenegro – The Authority for Games of Chance.
Article 3.
These rules stand for general terms for conclusion of the Contract on admission to participation in all sorts of betting at the organizer.The Contract shall be considered as valid upon player’s admittance charge to the betting is paid to the Organizer.        
These rules are binding for the Organizer and betting participants, and they are obliged to obey them completely.
Article 4.
Betting is a particular game of chance in which the Organizer determines in advance events and betting odds.  The participant of his free will picks up types by which the outcome of the selected event or group of events is marked. Betting shall be organized in continuity, in time rounds. The beginning and the end of the round do not have an impact on the evaluation of types of events, nor on the winning calculation on the bet slips.

Possible types and methods of betting

Article 5.

Tags (abbreviations) for betting types (games):
Sign “1” refers to the home team, the sign “X” refers to draw, whereas the sign “2” refers to the away team. In case there is no home, or the match is being played at the neutral terrain, the sign “1” refers to the first stated team on the bet slip, whereas sign “2” refers to the second stated team on the bet slip.
“SINGLE BETTING’’ stands for the bet on the only one event.
“COMBINATIONS’’ are particular types, marking at the same time at least two outcomes, where is required for both of them to be guessed in order that the type is winning.
“SYSTEMATIC BET” is a special way of forming (increasing) the number of betting combinations by enabling a player to enlarge a total number of individual betting combinations by forming groups of events. Each event from this group is marked with “(S)’’ on the bet slip, and the system type is given on the bet slip below the list of events and types (e.g., System: 4/6).
“FIKS” is tag used when playing the system, to indicate a specific event that will participate in all individual combinations chosen by the player. These events are marked with (“F”) on the bet slip.
“DOUBLE BET” is a special way of betting on two types of these rules on the same event on the bet slip. Any two types of these rules could be placed in the double bet. As a result, the existing number of combinations is increased twice, while the payment per combination is decreased twice. Example: played 1 double represents 2 combinations, played 2 double represents 4 combinations, played 3 double represent 8 combinations, etc…
“BET PER COMBINATION”, or multiplier of participation, is a number by which player, with an additional charge, indicates how many times his combination takes part in the game, and how many times the possible winning will increase. It is equal to the payment amount divided by the number of combinations.
“ODDS” is a decimal number determined in advance by the Organizer for each event, for each type being the subject of the betting, and it serves for the calculation of winning amounts on the bet slips. The odds can be defined for each event separately, as part of individual combination, or for total combination, i.e. for all events making up that combination.
In case the odds are defined for each event separately, the odds of an individual combination are calculated by multiplication of odds of all individual events.
Article 6.
For a certain event and / or a certain type, the Organizer reserves the right to set up a possible minimal condition of a game.
Betting players are obliged to obey the eventual minimum and a maximum number of events for every type, following the announcement of the Organizer.
Article 7.
Winning individual combination is a combination where all types (outcomes) of all selected events occurring in that combination are guessed precisely.
Article 8.
Betting payments are received at bookmaker’s land-based shops marked with a special sign (concession contract) issued by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Montenegro – Games of Chance Authority.
Article 9.
Odds for stated types of games are published on the web site olimp.me or in the printed lists published twice a week – on Tuesdays (bets for this list are received on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays) and on Fridays (bets for this list are received on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays) as well as in additions published daily at 10 o’clock. On some days, when the offer is greater, additions are published several times a day, at 11 o’clock and 12 o’clock, and they are published in printed media at all bookmaker’s land-based shops as well as in the digital media (Teletext, web service, etc.).
For the sake of a better overview, it is not possible to show all types for every event in the lists and additions. Although all types are not shown for some events, players can place bets on all offered types for all events. Information about the odds for a certain type on some event can be requested from the employee at the bookmaker’s land-based shops or on the web (www.olimp.me).
Article 10.
The Organizer reserves the right to change the amount of the minimal bet per combination, amount of the minimum bet on the bet slip, and maximal amount for the winning payout on the bet slip.
Article 11.
The Organizer reserves the right not to accept a player’s bet in every moment, partially or entirely, without some special explanation.
The Organizer reserves the right to cancel further betting (remove from offer) for some event, without some special explanation. All bets placed earlier on that match remain valid and it is not possible to annul them.
The Organizer reserves the right to change the defined time for betting for every type and for all events without special explanation.
Article 12.
The Organizer reserves the right to change the odds published on the website, list of events or daily additions.
Article 13.
Players fill in forms issued by the Organizer, where they are obliged to follow tags and explanations of types (games) given in the list of types.
When the bet is accepted, the Organizer receives payment from the players and then gives the bet slip to them. This is verified confirmation for participation in the betting, containing place, address, time, date, player’s selection, potential maximal and minimal odds, potential maximal and minimal winning amounts, number of combinations on the bet slip, type of a potential system as well as completed payments. The bet slip represents the proof about a player’s participation in betting on the basis of which a player has the right to claim a payout.
When calculating the amount of winnings on the ticket, only the odds (and special values) that are valid at the time of payment are considered and they are written on the bet slip.
Valid betting odds for any event, as well as for live betting, are exclusively those which are on the paid bet slip.
Due to the potential technical problems, some differences could occur between the odds (or special values), which can be found on the platform for odds overview (lists, additions, Teletext, web, etc.), and the odds (or special values) printed on the bet slip, both for the event odds and for live betting.
There are constant changes in odds and special values (handicaps or limits) on live events.
Whether the odds or special values for live betting are being changed at the moment of bet slip payoff, the bet slips remain valid, and their annulation is not possible.
Due to some technical problems, a difference in code can happen for the event shown on the list of events i.e., on the platform for odds overview so, that one code on the list is linked to the different event than on the bet slip.
For bets at bookmaker’s land-based shops, the digital betting record kept by the Organizer is decisive for the validity and the content of a bet.
Article 14.
Bookmaker is not obliged to provide additional details, such as the type of a competition (e.g., league, Championship, etc.), shortened or extended time of a match (e.g., small tournaments, junior competitions, tournaments played in the hall, etc.) venue of a game (neutral place for the event, etc.). The Organizer does not undertake the responsibility for the validity of some additional details, such as the type and name of a competition, shortened or extended time of a match, venue, as well as for all statistics, tables, and results of previous matches.
Article 15.
The achieved result of some event is valid regardless of the fact who is the home team. In case the first stated team on the event list is actually the away team, and the second stated team is a home, such event is valid, and all bets (both winning or not) at that event shall be valid.
Article 16.
If the betting participant finds that betting, other than live betting, is not verified by the Organizer in accordance with his request, then the player has the right to cancel the bet and to request annulation and refund after payment is processed, no later than 5 minutes upon betting confirmation and before the beginning of the event from the bet slip.
Bet slip annulation and refund for live betting are not possible upon betting contract confirmation.
The player has the right to change the virtual bet slip at any time, or to delete it prior to the final payment confirmation. By confirming the payment, a betting player agrees to obey the contract and to give up the right to revoke or cancel the payment.  
Article 17.
The date and venue of the event are informative. The time highlighted on the official sources of information for a given event is taken as the beginning of the event.

Article 18.
When paying out the winning, a player hands in the confirmation about participation in betting to the Organizer – bet slip, containing at least one winning individual combination. Winning individual combination is the one not containing a single missed type.
Article 19.
The Organizer determines the official result of the event based on the official sources of information for the given event, officially announced by the organizer of a competition (national or international federation, championship organizer, etc.). On the next day, at the begging of a working time, the Organizer publishes an official report on the results of completed events in printed form at all payment points of the bookmaker.
The results presented on the Teletext are unofficial.
The Organizer will make the payment immediately after the publication of the official results at the payment points of the bookmaker, and no later than 7 (seven) days from the date of publication of the official results if there are disputed results or outcomes.
Only official results issued by the association in charge are relevant for the evaluation of the post-event outcome. Afterward, changes made by the association (decisions made at the green table) are not valid for the evaluation of betting.
Only results after regular time are relevant (+ referee remuneration). Extra time or penalty shootout does not have an impact on the outcome of a bet, except if it is otherwise noticed in the market description or on the list of events.
Article 20.
In case the official result of an event is announced with a mistake, the organizer shall republish the exact official result for the event as soon as the mistake is realized, and all outcomes of the event shall be evaluated accordingly.
Article 21.
In combined or single bet (with single combination), the odd of a combination represents the total odds on the slip, whereas for system or double bets, total odd on the bet slip will be the sum of odds of individual combinations. The amount of a potential winning on the bet slip is obtained by multiplying the total odds with the payment and then dividing with the number of combination (values of payment and a number of combinations are demonstrated on the slip below the list of the events selected by the player).
The amount of the winning cannot overcome the maximal amount of the winning defined in Article 10. of these rules. The organizer keeps the right to change the maximal winning amount for each ticket prior to the final confirmation of the bet slip payment, what will be printed on it as well.
Article 22.
In case the betting confirmation is lost or damaged to a point of not being reliable for setting forth the validity of betting, the Organizer reserves the right to refuse to make a payment of winnings.
Article 23.
The player has the right to submit a written complaint to the Organizer within 7 (seven) days from the day of publishing the official report on the results and outcomes of the event, if he/she considers that the organizer has wrongly evaluated the outcome or the amount winning on the bet slip.
If the Organizer determines that the complaint is founded, he is obliged to process a winning payout within 7 (seven) days.
Article 24.
The payout of winnings will be out of date twenty-one days from the date of publication of the official report of the results of the last event on the ticket.

Article 25.
In case that event contains a wrong participantin the event, or wrong participants, all types (outcomes) in such event shall be considered winnings with the 1,00 odds (one) i.e. as void.
EXAMPLE: In the given selection there is the match Bayern – Schalke. The match Bayern – Schalke Am was played. Considering the fact that the name of the second participant is wrong, all types (outcomes) in the event shall be considered winnings with the odds 1,00 (one) i.e. as void.
Article 26.
In case any event, except tennis events, is delayed for any reason and not played until the next calendar day in relation to the time of the event shown on the bet slip, then on the second following calendar day, at the beginning of a working time, the official report for that event shall be published and all outcomes shall be evaluated as winnings with the 1,00 odds i.e. as void accordingly.
The event played in the course of the next calendar day compared to the time of the beginning of the event shown on the slip is considered to be an exception. Then all outcomes shall be evaluated as played off at the same time as presented on the slip, i.e. as completed (winning or not).
For tennis matches, match playoff is expected within that tournament, regardless of the time of waiting.
In case that selected scorer in football or other matches/tournaments does not enter the play at all, i.e. does not play a single moment of a match/tournament, all outcomes regarding that scorer are evaluated as winnings with 1,00 odds (one) i.e. as void.
Article 27.
If it happens that the final conclusion of the contract on betting was carried out after the beginning of the event, then all outcomes in that event shall be evaluated as winnings with the 1,00 odds (one) i.e. as void.
This rule is not valid for live betting.
Article 28.
In the case that the event is being interupted at any moment, without the announcement of the official results by the referee upon breaking up the game, as well as that the same event is not being played or continued prior to the end of the next calendar day, all types (games, outcomes) not being concluded in the moment of the breakup will be considered winnings with the 1,00 odds (one) i.e. void.
If some event is being played again or is continued prior to the end of the next calendar day, then all types (games, outcomes) are evaluated according to the result achieved in that event.
The concluded type (game, outcome), winning or not, is the one outcome that would not be changed, not even theoretically, if the match was played until the end.
The unconcluded type (game, outcome) winning or not, in the moment of the breakup is the one which sets off at least a theoretical chance that the outcome would be changed if the match was played until the end, and such type will be considered winning with the 1,00 odds (one) i.e. to be void.
Article 29.
The organizer keeps the right to evaluate all types of a certain event having the odds noticeably reversed or inexact in the moment of betting contract conclusion (referring to the odds shown at that moment on the www.betfair.com) as winnings with the 1,00 (one) i.e. as void.
Article 30.
The organizer reserves the right to cancel all bets for an event and to calculate the odds 1,00 (one) if there is a suspicion of manipulation or fraud. The suspicion of manipulation and fraud is grounded if one or several criteria are fulfilled:
  1. Bets on events with an unusual end
  2. Bets with an extraordinary high amount of a payout
  3. System bets on unusual types/leagues
  4. More bets with identical or similar combinations
  5. Bets indicating association and t are that are time and content related.
In the case that the Organizer receives within a short time several bets with identical or similar combinations, he reserves the right to cancel all such bets even after having them concluded.
The organizer reserves the right to reject or cancel at any time any bet or part of it if it is concluded that there is an agreement between different participants in betting or connection between their user accounts. The bookmaker has the right to initiate legal proceedings against the same participants.
In the case of the joined betting, the organizer reserves the right to proclaim such bet slips void and to make a refund for them. A player can place the bet only on unknown outcomes or events. In the case that the outcome is known to the player prior to the usage of a slip, the same event will be annulled and it will be evaluated as winning with the 1,00 odds (one) i.e. as void.
If the organizer estimates that there is a well-grounded suspicion that anyone acted aiming at the resolving the outcome of an event, breaching the provisions and official rules about taking place of such event, or that there are some proves on the basis of which the regularity of an event is brought into question, the organizer keeps the right to annul that event and to evaluate it as winning with the 1,00 odds (one).
Article 31.
During the live betting the organizer keeps the right to evaluate all types typed into bet slips for an event as winnings with 1,00 odds (one) i.e. as void if one or several conditions are fulfilled:
  1. The incorrect result is shown on the event at the moment of betting contract conclusion (bet slip printing)
  2. All red cards are not marked on that event at the moment of contract conclusion (bet slip printing)
  3. A penalty being announced at the moment or immediately prior to the contract conclusion (bet slip printing) is not put into the record at that moment.
Article 32.
If the match is not played in the standard interval, 45-90 min. the event will be void and it will be considered a winning with 1,00 odds (one) or void.  
Article 33.
In the game “red card” yes/no, bench players and a trainer that receive the red card are not involved
Article 34.

For the game “the first goal” the site www.xscores is referential.

Article 35.
Employees at the land-based shops are obliged to keep the following details confidential:
  1. About participants (number of visits, players, lost and gained money, etc.)
  2. About financial results of the bookmaker’s management
  3. About employees at the bookmaker
Article 36.
The organizer keeps the register about winning players in the manner prescribed by the Ministry of Finance – Game of Chance Authority of Montenegro.
Article 37.
All correct data submitted during the registration of the loyalty card shall be kept in a protected data register, to which other participants and third persons do not have admission and shall be treated with discretion.
Details from paragraph 1. of this Article can be revealed to the third person only in the manner envisaged by the Law.

Article 38.
The organizer takes care of the order maintenance and protection of participants at the bookmaker’s land-based shops.
The betting participants at land-based shops are obliged to act and behave politely and not to obstruct others in any way.
Individuals under 18 years of age are not allowed to enter the land-based shops nor to participate in any sort of gambling at the bookmaker’s land-based shops.
The betting player is obliged to take into consideration information about the danger of gambling addiction, as well as to confirm that his account is not blocked, or that he/she requested account self-blockage from the other state bookmakers or gambling houses. The betting player is obliged to play individually and not in place of or in combination with others.
The player must not be part of a group of people included in the betting of a selected event. Those are players in selected events, active members, officials, trainers, etc. as well as staff of the bookmakers or of the company dealing with the exchange of betting.
The organizer does not have the obligation to check the exactness of the information provided in paragraphs 2,3,4,5, and 6 from this Article and it keeps the right to cancel in any time bets, to forbid participation in betting and access to the bookmaker’s land-based shops to the players that do not obey these rules or who provided wrong information as soon as invalid information is noticed.
Article 39.
The employees of the bookmaker are not allowed to take part in betting, individually or with others, nor to support betting players financially.

Article 40.

The Organizer is completely responsible for the regularity of betting if players obey the rules.
All obligations of the organizer towards the betting player shall be stopped when the payout is received.
In the case of any sort of dispute between the players and the organizer that cannot be solved in a peaceful and accountable manner, the court in Podgorica shall be competent.
Article 41.
These rules shall be displayed at all land-based shops and on the web service of the organizer by means of which they shall be public and available to all.