Article 1.

The betting on the website is regulated by the provisions set forth in the GAME RULES published by the Organizer.



Article 2.

Only adults with a valid identification document (identity card or passport), issued by the competent authorities, can register to play on the website.

Article 3.

One can proceed to the registration by clicking the registration link which is visibly displayed on the web page. During the registration process, the player is obliged to fulfill all requested details clearly and completely and to follow the instructions.

All data submitted by the player during the registration process will be kept in the special data register, to which other players and third persons do not have access.

By opening an account, it is considered that each participant is familiar with the RULES and fully accepts them.

Article 4.

Upon activating the user account, a virtual account on which a player can process its payments will be automatically created.

In order for the account to be authorized for payouts, it is necessary for the player to go through the verification process. Verification is carried out by submission of an identity card, which will be used exclusively for the purpose of the identification.

Article 5.         

The Organizer reserves the right to forfeit the registration of the user account of its free will.

Article 6.

The player is allowed to register only one user account.

The player is responsible for material and non-material consequences for user account usage, as well as for its potential misuse by unauthorized individuals.


Article 7.

The players can deposit money at their account in several ways:

  • At bookmaker’s land-based shops
  • Bank cards on the web page of the Organizer
  • At J&A systems
  • At the authorized places with whom the Organizer has reached the cooperation agreement

Card payments are made in cooperation with AllSecure doo and Hipotekarna Banka in a secure and certified manner through AllSecure Paymet Gateway. After entering the card data and confirming the payment, the bank authorizes the transaction and thus the transaction is approved and enters the further process. The Organizer does not store or have access to sensitive card data. Only information about the card type, executed and non-executed payments and payment amounts are kept.

The Organizer reserves the right to change any of the above-mentioned payment methods.


Article 8.

Payouts of the available assets are processed on the request of the player, no later than 15 days from the date of submission of the request to the Organizer. The following payout methods are available:

  • At bookmaker’s land-based shops
  • To the bank account of any bank registered in Montenegro

Article 9.

Bets paid on the website cannot be changed, nor canceled, upon payment confirmation.

Article 10.

Valid bet slips are those being stored in the organizer’s data register.

Article 11.

If a player makes a profit with a wrong result, the assets from his/her account will be withdrawn as soon as the result is officially corrected.

Article 12.

The Organizer reserves the right to deactivate the user account at any moment providing the money refund without further explanation.

The Organizer reserves the right not to award a bonus to any player during the BONUS promotion, or to withdraw an already awarded bonus without further explanation.

Article 13.

The participant in the betting is obliged to take into consideration the danger of gambling addiction.  

Article 14.

During your visit to the site, we may collect your information, which we use exclusively and only to customize our offer and provide the best possible service. The collected data can be used exclusively for the following purposes: personalization of the offer, improvement of the Website, verification of administrative tasks, establishing contact with you, improving our advertising and promotional results, improving our offer, and for cooperation with law enforcement agencies. We will never and under no circumstances misuse your personal information, nor sell or rent it to third parties, for their marketing purposes without first giving you the opportunity to opt out.

Article 15.

When entering payment card data, confidential information is transmitted via the public network in a protected (encrypted) form using SSL protocol, using the most modern methods of tokenization of sensitive data, and in accordance with PCI-DSS standards. At no time is payment card information available to the merchant. AllSecure Payment Gateway uses the highest global data protection and privacy standards. All merchants using the AllSecure Payment Gateway are automatically included in 3D-Secure protection. Customer payment card numbers are not stored on the merchant’s system and the registration itself is protected by SSL data encryption. PCI DSS Standards – AllSecure Payment Gateway is constantly complying with all the requirements of card organizations in order to increase the level of security of merchants and customers. From 2005 until today, without interruption, the system is certified as PCI-DSS Level 1, which is the highest standard in the industry. The PCI Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) is a standard that defines the necessary security measures for the processing, storage and transmission of sensitive card data. PCI Standards protect sensitive cardholder data throughout the payment process: from the moment of entering data at the merchant’s point of sale, during communications between the merchant and relevant banks and card organizations, and the subsequent storage of such data.

Article 16.

In the case of a refund to a customer who has previously paid by one of the payment cards, in part or in full, and regardless of the reason for the refund, the refund is made exclusively through the same VISA, Maestro or MasterCard card used for payment. This means that our bank will, at our request, refund the funds to the cardholder’s account.

Article 17.

Please note that all payments will be effected in Euro (EUR). If the payment is done using foreign issuers payment cards, total amount of transaction will be converted into bank settlement currency, according to the current exchange rate of Visa/Mastercard.